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High flux tube


Machined high flux tube (T-shaped finned tube)


OD T-type fin


OD 19mm/25mm/32mm,length 2000~14000 mm

High Flux Tube

     High flux tube can be classified into three groups: sintered high flux tube, sprayed high flux tube and machined high flux tube. Among them, sintered high flux tube is the most expensive for its complex processing method and high efficiency; machined high flux tube is applied to mediums with high surface tension, its performance is in between; sprayed high flux tube is the cheapest for its easy process and low efficiency.
     On the one hand, high flux tube can reduce the steam demand. On the other hand, it can improve the heat transfer capability. In the large heat transfer system, because of the need of small temperature differences, the number of reboiler needed is very big. The use of high flux tube can reduce 3/4 the amount of reboiler, and temperature difference ΔT asks for only 5 ℃. Using high flux tube to replace traditional bare tube can eliminate heat transfer bottlenecks, meet the needs of larger heat load, and significantly increase production. At the same time, under the condition of keep the design efficiency, can reduce the cost.
Material and size of High Flux Tube

     Material: nickel-copper alloy(C70600,B10), carbon steel(SA179,10#), aluminum alloy (3003), stainless steel(304L,316L)and so on.
Size: outer diameter 19、25、32mm,length 2000~14000 mm
     Under normal condition, the middle of High flux tube is enhanced section. Both ends are smooth. It is easy to wear tubes and expansion joint. High flux tube can do OEM as customers’ need. Products are packaged with wooden boxes.
Applicable medium of high flux heat exchangers

     Ethylene glycol, light olefin, refrigerant, liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen.
Applications of high flux heat exchangers

     High flux heat exchanger can be used in phase change equipment, such as, carburetor, evaporator, reboiler and condenser, etc.

Machined High Flux Tube

     Machined high flux tube is a kind of high efficient heat transfer tubes manufactured by rolling process of bare tubes, the structural features are a series of spiral-ring T type tunnel, which are formed in the outer surface of the tube.

Characteristic of machined high flux tube Machining is a method with low cost and easy to process, and the porosity of porous coating is 30- 35%.


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